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Toko Golf Online: Cobra AMP Offset Driver

E9 Face Technology with Offset Design delivers longer distance and high, draw-biased ball flight.

Offset design, Advanced Material Placement Technology™, deep heel biased center of gravity and crown alignment features all combine to help you aim better and hit straighter, more draw-biased shots. Available Feb. 10.


E9 Face Technology with Dual Roll
Advanced Material Placement
Offset Face Design


Why Buy It?
The only good slice has pepperoni on it.
What Are you Buying?
Offset. It works. Next question.


Titanium 6-4 head with semi-forged, milled titanium face


10.5º, 11.5º

E9 Face Technology With Dual Roll
A 30% Larger Sweet Zone and a new approach to bulge and roll design delivers distance and accuracy.

Advanced Material Placement
Sophisticated computer modelling and simulation allow designers to thin walls to save weight and re-distribute up to 15 grams of mass deep and back in the clubhead, to maximize distance through optimized launch conditions.

Offset Face Design
Reduces the effects of a slice by squaring the head more quickly through impact.


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