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Yamaha introduces the new D202 Titanium Driver.  It feature a new face design with an “X” shaped pattern behind the face whiich allows for a very solid feel and energy transfer, particularly around the center of the club face and four corners of the face.  It also feature a shallower head design compared to the V Driver, but has increased size towards the bottom toe and heel of the face adding extra forgiveness.  The D202 also has more bulge on the face which is very helpful in straightening out those off center shots. The driver also comes with a square face angle and a brand new Yamaha stock shaft which Yamaha is very proud of.  The new shaft has a new Tip Weight Technology (TWT), which is a special design and pattern of carbon sheet.  This TWT allows the shaft to be extra stable around the tip area where the most amount of force is applied during the downswing.  The TWT allows the shaft to prevent energy loss caused by unwanted bowing action of the shaft. This also makes it much easier to get a consistent feel and impact position druing every shot.  This D202 also has a newly designed crown called the Power Chemical Milling Crown.  This special pattern and design of the crown allows maximum energy transfer from the entire club head to the ball at impact. The crown allows the energy to wrap around the ball for a consistent transfer.

The D202 Driver was designed for the average golfer who like to be rewarded for well struck shots while still having some room for error. The square face angle and design of the head imakes the D202 very popular among lower handicapped players as well!

Standard Specs:

Loft- 9.5, 10.5 or 11.5
Lie- 60*
Face Angle- Square
Head Size- 450cc
Shaft- Yamaha MBX512D
Shaft Flex- Stiff in 9.5*, Stiff, Stiff/Regular, and Regular in 10.5*, Regular in 11.5* (11.5* is a special order and may take a few extra days to ship)
Shaft Weight- 57g Stiff, 53g Stiff/Regular, 51g Regular
Length- 45.75inches
Swing Weight- D1 S flex, D0 for S/R and R flex



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